Bone is a rigid composite of mineral (hydroxyapatite) and collagen (primarily Type I). The collagen fibers serve to conduct mechanical forces that are crucial to the behavior of bone cells. The relationship between cells and their surrounding three-dimensional network of force conducting native collagen fibers is essential for normal bone physiology, maintenance and repair. In the body, most cells are attached to native collagen by highly specific points of contact. This point of recognition and contact is a fifteen amino acid sequence, which has been replicated in the synthetic peptide P-15.

Cell migration along the collagen network is an anchorage-dependent process known as haptotaxis. Simply put, cell motility is a grab and release mechanism in which the P-15 domains serve as rungs on a ladder. Incorporation of these P-15 peptides into the microstructure of anorganic bone mineral has been shown to facilitate and expedite ingrowth of bone by promoting the immigration of reparative cells from the surrounding tissue. The following is a subset of the in vivo and in vitro evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of P-15.

Early Bone Formation: Spine

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Early Bone Formation: Long Bone

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